Total Quality Management WORKSHOP

Total Quality Management WORKSHOP

Total quality management is the guided tour along the road to total quality. When adequately and successfully implemented enables companies to serve their customers better and gain competitive advantage in the market place.

The workshop will enrich your understanding of TQM concepts and techniques for managing, controlling and improving quality needed for continuous improvement of organization.

This training course is to prepare prospective managers for playing a leading role in planning for and implementing total quality management in manufacturing and service organizations. Register Now

Participants will gain confidence in making TQM decisions, learn how to lead your organization in transforming itself into a TQM driven team and will able to determine how to support cultural change and how to create an organizational climate where people become self-motivated for continuous improvement in their organization.

Who Should Attend:

  • Senior and middle managers who are involved in making and implementing strategic decisions

  • Management representatives

  • Managers and engineers who wish to implement TQM and improve team building and team coaching skills.

  • New and experienced people in quality who want to use the QM framework.

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  • Evolution of TQM

    • Historical development

    • Definitions of quality

    • Understanding TQM

    • The Quality Management System

    • The Quality Movement

    • TQM concept and system

    • The Cost of Quality (COQ)

  • TQM Principles and Strategies

    • Customer focus, Process improvement and Total involvement

    • Quality management strategies

  • The quality Gurus

    • Contributions of the quality gurus (Shewhart, Deming, Juran, Crosby, Ishikawa and Taguchi)

    • Zero Defects (ZD)

    • Kaizen system

    • Poke-yoke (Shingo)

  • TQM Tools and Techniques

    • Seven tools of quality

    • Seven new tools

    • Statistical quality control

    • Taguchi methods

    • Quality function deployment

    • Quality Circles

    • Just In Time (JIT)

  • Implementing TQM

    • Managing key processes, Steps in process improvement

    • Measuring process improvements, and Performance measures

    • Benchmarking for TQM

    • Quality management systems – ISO 9000 series

    • Global Quality and International Quality awards - MBNQA, Deming Prize, others

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Contact Hours

30 hours. Register Now


4500 Saudi Riyal per student, readings and materials inclusive. Register Now


Class to have 25 students Maximum

Schedule & Location

Dar Al Uloom University
March 20th, 2016 (3 classroom hours X 10 sessions)
10 sessions every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 PM. Until 9:00 PM.

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Prof. Sherif Abdel Moety El-Araby

Director of Quality Assurance Origin Group Arab Republic of Egypt

More than 30 years’ experience in all aspects of the Quality-related sciences on a world-wide basis. He has written over 40 secnerefnoc 52 revo dednetta dna srepap covering different aspects of total quality management. He is a Fellow of several professional associations. He lectures internationally in different conferences and seminars world-wide and has acted as an adviser to many large organizations and various government bodies in different countries including the Middle East and Africa. Recognized as one of the main pioneers in the fields of Quality Assurance, Total Quality Management and best practice management in the Middle East and Africa. Has been chosen by The Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade as the First Acting President for the National Quality Institute- a project for the enhancement of quality concepts in Egypt which was launched in the year 2005.